The Thomistic Studies Project
Thomistic Studies is for people interested in studying the thought of
St. Thomas Aquinas and applying it to daily life.

As part of the Thomistic Studies Project, Sr. Mary Magdalene has recently begun the Thomistic Studies website in order to share the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas with a wider group of people. There is also a Thomistic Studies Youtube channelFacebook page, and Instagram feed.

Through videos, audio files, and teaching on-line courses, Sr. Mary Magdalene explains Aquinas' teaching on various topics ranging from Trinitarian theology to moral theology, and viewers are free to discuss it and learn more from one another.


Prayer Attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas:

“Whatever is pleasing to you, O merciful God, may I ardently desire, wisely pursue, truly recognize, and bring to perfect completion, to the praise and glory of your name.

Order my life, O my God. Grant me to know what you would have me do, and to carry it out as I should and as is profitable for my soul.

Grant that I may never falter, whether in prosperity or adversity, so that I may not be puffed up in the one nor downcast in the other. Let me rejoice over nothing except what leads to you, nor grieve except over what leads away form you. Let me never desire to please, or fear to displease, anyone but you, O Lord my God, who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.”

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