Community Life

Created in the image of [the] divine communion Evangelii Gaudium 178

Preparing a meal

As Dominicans, our religious life is essentially lived in community, a sign in the Church and in the world of that fellowship in Christ to which all are called. We try to dwell in unity ... and to have but one soul and one heart in God (Rule of St Augustine Ch.1).

 Thus, among ourselves we strive to live in mutual trust, affirmation and mercy. To this end we pray, eat and have times of relaxation and recreation together.

Our community life is also enhanced by our dependence on one another for our needs. We ‘hold all things in common’ (cf.Acts 4.32). Since we have renounced the intimacy of marriage, friendship is all the more important to us. The friendships forged in community – as well as those outside it -bring joy to our daily life, and help us in times of difficulty.

Friendships forged in community


As communities we commit ourselves to deepening our knowledge of the Truth and to promoting justice both among ourselves and in our society. As a Congregation we seek to make Our Lord known to all whom we meet.

Our ministries are diverse, but through prayer and contemplation, through listening and mutual support, and through encouragement and active works, we are united in Christ for the sake of our common mission.


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